Neil Curtis & Sons Funeral Contractors, (NCFC) provide contract and individual grave digging services in churchyards, cemeteries, and private burial grounds, catering to single graves or entire cemeteries. We provide grave digging services for local councils, burial groups, funeral directors and private clients.

NCFC are members of the Federation of Burial & Crematorium Authorities and adhere to their Code of Burial Practice:

Code of Burial Practice

Burial Authorities should recognise the importance of the service provided and ensure that all procedures are performed in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation.

1. Cemetery Staff

The greatest care must be taken to appoint members of the cemetery staff who act with respect and do not detract from the atmosphere of reverence which the cemetery has endeavoured to create. All staff employed in grave digging and cemetery duties must be suitably trained in the technical and ethical procedures and preferably certificated by a recognised training provider.

2. Conduct

The burial of human remains is a highly emotional occasion for everyone involved. This should not be forgotten by staff working within cemeteries who should work together to create and maintain an atmosphere of reverence and respect throughout.

3. Correct Identity

No coffin, casket or shroud, etc. shall be accepted at any cemetery unless it bears adequate particulars of the identity of the deceased person contained therein. If a coffin is encased, the cover and the coffin must bear adequate identity of the deceased person. Every care should be taken to ensure correct identification throughout, from the moment the coffin is received at the cemetery until the final interment within the grave.

4. After Committal

  • Having ensured that the correct authority to inter has been received, the coffin and its contents shall be placed into the grave exactly as received at the cemetery. The deceased shall not be removed from the grave following the act of committal except for a lawful purpose and when the correct legal requirements are in place to permit such an act.
  • Once a coffin containing the deceased has been placed within the grave, it will not be disturbed. The grave will be backfilled with soil, or in the case of a bricked grave, mausoleum or vault, shall be sealed immediately following the completion of the service. This is done either by the cemetery staff or the family and mourners if such instructions have been received from the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial and a suitable risk assessment has been carried out.

Following the completion of backfilling or sealing, the grave should be left in a neat and tidy condition with wreaths and flowers carefully placed on it by the cemetery staff.

5. Mechanical Apparatus

Only “authorised” employees of the Burial Authority who have received appropriate training shall operate plant or vehicles. “Authorised” is deemed to mean an employee that is receiving instruction and is supervised by a qualified operator, or an employee that holds a suitable driving assessment permit relating to the vehicle or item of plant. All mechanical apparatus used in the cemetery shall be regularly overhauled, cleaned and kept in good repair to ensure perfect working order.

6. Statutory Regulations

No burial shall take place without the consent of the person responsible for the cemetery. All burials shall be carried out according to the regulations applicable to the individual Burial Authority.

Download the FBCA’s code of practice here: Download the guide.

Gravedigging Health and Safety

NCFC is serious about health and safety. The safety of our staff, our clients and the general public is of paramount importance to Neil Curtis and Sons Funeral Contactors Limited, We follow government guidelines as laid out in the Memorandum by the Health and Safety Executive (CEM 102). In addition NCFC are members of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) a adhere to the ICCM’s Management of Memorials guidelines.

NCFC's Quality Commitment

  • For health and safety all gravedigging jobs are conducted by a team 2 fully trained specialists.
  • NCFC provides hand and machine dug services.
  • Hydraulic or clamp shoring is used for full graves and when required elsewhere.
  • Each full burial grave and ashes grave is dressed with high quality grass matting, putlocks and webbing to assist the funeral directors to lower the coffin into the grave.
  • NCFC takes special care to ensure that each site is presentable before and after the service.
  • If required NCFC groundworks team can cut a walkway for mourners at the burial site.
  • NCFC always uses high quality equipment that include the provision of high quality walking boards.

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