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Our team is fully trained to handle all exhumation needs, from individual burials to large-scale cemetery relocations. With extensive experience and specialised equipment, we ensure each exhumation is conducted with the highest standards of care and professionalism.

What is an Exhumation?

An exhumation involves the removal of buried human remains, whether they are full burials or cremated remains. This process may be necessary for various reasons, including family relocation, cemetery redevelopment, or legal requirements.

Who Can Request an Exhumation?

  • Representatives of the deceased

  • The Coroner

  • Local authorities

  • Religious representatives

  • Government departments

What Are The Reasons For an Exhumation?

Exhumation may be needed for reasons such as:

  • Relocating a loved one’s grave closer to family

  • Cemetery redevelopment projects

  • Legal investigations

  • DNA testing or medical reasons

  • Transporting remains to a home country

Exhumation Governance

Exhumations in the UK are regulated by The Burial Act of 1857, ensuring proper procedures are followed to maintain respect and dignity for the deceased.

For more information on the legal framework, visit the Burial Act of 1857.

Exhumation Enquiry Form

Are you planning an exhumation or need more information? Click the button below to access to submit an enquiry to our Exhumations team:

More resources for the Burial Act 1857Original Print PDF of Queen's Printer Version

More resources for the Burial Act 1857Original Print PDF of Queen's Printer Version


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